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Hairy Fungus Silk

It's nutritional composition is similar to that of black fungus and it has the effects of clearing lungs and nourishing qi relieving pain and promoting blood circulation. Hair fungus has a high content of crude fiber. These cellulose can p

Product Description Specification Stem Package
 Hairy Fungus Silk
No stem;
1.)Small Package:
100g,200g,500g,1kg,3kgs etc as clients’ requirement;
 2.)Bulk Package:
10-25kgs with big bag inside,carton is outside.
Also do as clients’ requirement.
MOQ 1 Tons
Payment Term T/T,L/C
Delivery Time Within work  30-45 days after deposit received(Accounting shall be conducted according to actual situation)
Label&Brand Fengjin Brand or Do as client’s requirement
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