We offer High quality dried shiitake mushrooms and fungus

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When Mushrooms are on the Menu, Count on Us

Dried shiitake mushroom have a stronger flavor than ordinary shiitake mushroom. They are excellent in stir frying and stewing. In food industry, shiitake mushroom are good ingredients in taste and nutrition

Stay Longer

The storage period of dried shiitake mushroom is long, generally about 24 months


Minimize quality issues and defects with hand-picked products that meet the highest standards in the industry.


Serve a consistent product, every time, everywhere.

Supplied By Fengjin Trading

Fengjin's dried mushrooms and black fungus are all produced in Xixia, Henan Province and Northeast China, which are well-known in China. The quality of the products is guaranteed. They are strictly selected by hand. They have excellent taste and high nutritional value

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